Let nothing and no one go to waste

The Legitimate Hustle Program strives to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Besides choosing renewable beeswax with hemp wicks as their primary candles, LHP youth have also found other creative ways to infuse this aspect of their business ethics into our everyday practices.

For example, after seeing all of the paper towel waste that occurs after wiping soy wax out of pouring pots at the end of candle making, a youth researched how to turn all of that waste into fire starters. Since then, a majority of our paper towels, wick ends, wax bits and other safe-to-burn materials that would have been thrown out are now turned into useful and high-quality fire starters.

Youth are always looking for ways to reuse and recycle. When a few batches of candles were compromised and unable to be used for candles any longer, another youth researched how to turn that wax into wax melts.