Legitimate Hustle Program

Unlocking youth’s unlimited potential

The Legitimate Hustle Program was created to provide an employment experience where youth can safely earn money while learning soft skills and other employment skills. Youth are able to earn $13/hour as they go through a year-long course in entrepreneurship and small business where they learn to create and run a social enterprise with Life House.

Teaching employment skills through the lens of entrepreneurship allows youth to also gain experience and knowledge about concepts such as: recognizing business opportunities, market research, competitive advantage, technical and creative writing, business finance, customer service, event planning, business ethics, marketing and advertising, and business communication.

When youth are ready to move forward with their careers they are then connected to Life House’s education or employment case management services or resources in the community that help guide youth to living-wage jobs.

Quotes from Participants

LHP helps me get off the streets and keep my head in a positive place.

We started with a dream and turned it into reality.

The Legitimate Hustle Program to me is a life saver.

The LHP is a second chance for many young adults.

We learn to work as a team despite our differences.

This program is a way to re-teach me how to be a responsible, independent, young adult again.