Urban Pearl

Creatively capturing the entrepreneur within

Urban Pearl Upcycling is the second social enterprise established by Life House youth participating in the Legitimate Hustle Program. Adhering to a model of ethical environmental practices and sustainability, youth wanted to create a business that would impact our world in a positive way. After reaching out to community partners, organizations and individuals for donations of unwanted jewelry, Urban Pearl Upcycling was flooded with over 200 pounds of pre-owned jewelry.

Youth break down the donated jewelry, sort beads, and create new works of wearable art. Each piece has been fitted with new clasps and hardware, and each is one of a kind.

Urban Pearl Upcycling was named to recognize the resiliency of our youth and their tenacious ability to turn challenging circumstances into opportunities, as well as reflect the nature of the business.

In the words of our youth:

“To me, Urban Pearl is a second chance for young adults. It is a program that helps us learn business skills. We started with a dream and we turned it into reality.”